Dec. 20, 2020

SANDRA SANTIAGO TV Star from Sangre Negra TV Show Interview

SANDRA SANTIAGO TV Star from Sangre Negra TV Show Interview

Excited to see the Series on Tubi.TV 

The TV Stars include my  client TV Screenwriter and Actress  Mariann Gavelo who has a TV Show in Development,  networking friends over the years Eric Roberts,  Sofia Milos, Stoney Jackson, Bai Ling, Grace De Silva

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"Sangre Negra" is the cross-generational saga of the Santos Family. Told telenovela style, it combines the family drama of the popular TV series "Dallas" with the underworld intrigue of Emmy winning series "The Sopranos". The series will feature the constant battle between good and evil, and how the choices made will determine the path each character will take to achieve the American dream. Set in modern day Los Angeles. The series stars, Erik Estrada as Guillermo Santos Sr., the wealthy patriarch of La Familia de Santos and lovely wife Sandra Santiago. Eric Roberts as States Attorney General Lee Mondrian. Robert Miano as mob boss Vincent Sabatini. Antonio McKay as Ricardo "Ricky" Santos, the charismatic half black, half Hispanic illegitimate son of Guillermo Sr., and upcoming star in world of organized crime. Ricardo Herranz as Guillermo Santos Jr., the eldest son and slick and ambitious criminal defense attorney. Danny Arroyo as Christian Santos, the youngest of the Santos brothers and decorated police detective dedicated to cleaning up the streets of Los Angeles, even if it means putting his half brother Ricky in jail.